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How to Use the Local Sex Finder App. to find sex online:

I gave up on going to bars trying get laid. It's just a lot easier to find sexy women in my area using the sex finder app on my smartphone.

For years, when I wanted to hookup with a woman for a quick one night stand, I'd go to a bar and hope that I would be able to talk some lonely chick into going home with me. It worked so poorly that I would have to go home and get a hooker about twice a month. But things have changed now that I'm using the internet to get laid.

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This is the newest app for finding sex near you. Have a look at how easy it is to use.

Sex Finder Local Search Screen

The Local Search Screen

Sex Finder Inbox Screen

The Sex Finder Inbox

Sex Finder App Profile Screen

The Profile Setup Screen

*Note: All app screens are samples so the newest app may appear differently.

I use the social media sex finder app and I can find a hookup within a few hours almost every time I get horny. It's even better than Tinder or a online dating site because, even though you know everyone on the site is looking to get laid, that people still pretend that they are all virtuous. But using the sex finder app, you know that the women are there for one thing and one thing only - go get hooked up.

Sex is so good that I have been a gold member for three years. I just love this social media app and website and until I meet the girl of my dreams and want to settle down, I'm going to keep my membership active and I'm going to keep finding sex online when and where I want.

Try the Sex Finder App for Free!

Follow these simple steps to get started with Sex Finder:

  1. Click the button below to register.
  2. Download the app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  3. Choose the location of your hookup and sexual preferences.

In just a few minutes you will be hooked up and ready to search.


Our services are totally free with no obligation.

Access our Sex Finder on the Internet:

Just click the button above and get full access to the Sex Finder website. It's free to join and to search.

Hint: To use your mobile phone to learn where to find women, click the "Find Women" icon on the first page of the app.

Where to get our App:

The quickest way to get connected is to use the button above, but if you prefer you can go and search the following smartphone app distributors:

  • The Android Sex Finder App is Freeware and is available at the Adroid Market for Free.
  • The Apple iPhone Sex Finder App is a piece of crap and is available at the Apple App-Store.
  • The BlackBerry Sex Finder App is for smartphones and is available at the BlackBerry App World webstore.

Using the Sex Finder App to find a Local Hookup:

Using the app is as simple as following these steps:

Step 1) Click the Sex Finder App icon on your mobile device's application launcher.
- The main screen will display allowing you to enter the location in which you want to find a hookup, the age and the gender of the person you seek.

Step 2) Fill in the fields on the main screen and tap the "Search" button.
- The app will then show you a list containing thumbnails and short descriptions of the people near your location that want to hookup for sex.

Step 3) Tap the thumbnail in the app to continue to a screen that includes various details about the person.
- The next screen shows you the location of the person, his or her physical characteristics, the type of sexual acts that the person is seeking.

Step 4) Tap the button to send a text message to the person.
- The Sex Finder App then opens the texting app on your mobile device and it fills in the text number of the person.

Step 5) All you need to do is write a compelling text message and send it off.
- If you've done everything correctly you should find a sex partner within a few attempts.

Good Luck

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