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At Sex Finder, people often send us requests asking us "How can I get Sex?"

We know that there are really two discreet elements that need to be addressed in order to properly understand the question at hand.

When a internet user asks how he or she can get sex, the first concern is whether the person wants to know the physical location of sex or if the person simply desires the knowledge necessary to acquire sex.

1) Where to Find Sex:

When an internet searcher asks where to find sex he or she is typically in a specific location, a state, a town, an institution, or a business. Therefore the person seeking sex needs to define not only the location in which he/she is, but also the perimeter of the area in which the sex partner is to be located within. If the seeker is within a town, for example, it is often assumed that she is searching for sex with a person of the desired sexual orientation within the approximate boundaries of said town. This is not necessarily true if the woman is within an institution. In this case she often desires a sexual hookup within a reasonable distance - a short walk - from the institution.

In addition to the proximity of the desired sexual partners, one must also be concerned with how to get sex which is dependant the willingness or "hornyness" of the sexually active women. So, when a woman desires to find sex, she must locate men that are available for sex not just any men. She must identify either single men (or women if she is a lesbian) or partners who are interested in a promiscuous or extra marital affair. It would also be incumbent on the sex seeker to find younger sex partners since their sexual drive is often much stronger and they are more likely to provide for a satisfying sexual experience once found.


2) How to Find Sex:

In a similar way to the aforementioned question and answer, asking "how to find sex" can also be defined in several ways. The first way to answer the question is to teach the man or woman desiring to get sex how to flirt with the opposite sex. Learning how to get sexual experience and the art of courting is perhaps beyond the scope of this paper, but in short, the goal is to compliment the desired sex partner and to make yourself look sexually attractive. Being sexually desirable is most certainly the most efficient way to find sex in this context.

If one's goal is not to attract a sex partner but instead to locate a sex partner, it is best for the seeker to use an Internet service or ask a friend to hook him or her up on a blind date. If one has few friends, or if his buddies only know unattractive girls, the singles website or a smartphone sex locator app typically generates greater success. The question again changes from asking how to find sex to how do I use a sex locator tool to get sex.

In conclusion, when men and women ask to get sex they are usually quite desperate and as such they rarely know if they simply need help to find sex, or if they additionally need to know how to get sex once they have located a sex partner. In either case there are many internet and mobile phone apps that can help them to locate sex. The more challenging task is then to find a woman who will tolerate him long enough for him to practice his courting skills.

How to us our Sex Finder App:

There are three steps necessary to us the Sex Finder app.

Step one: Download the app.

The first step is to, using your mobile device, surf to the app store that corresponds with your particular mobile device. For example, if you have one of those silly Apple i Phones, you would go to the Apple store by tapping the AppStore icon. Then, search for the app that you want to download by tapping the "Search" button. In this case you should search for "Sex Finder" and highlight it. Once you locate the app, simply download it to your mobile device. As you would with any app that you download, you'll have to install the app. It may be necessary to accept the terms of service before you can begin using your app.

Step Two: Register for Service

The next step is to go to the Sex Finder Website using any regular Internet browser. Once you are there, select the "Signup" option from the heading bar. You will have to fill in the form completely by selecting the options on the screen that most fit your needs and desires. You will also need to create a "User Name" and "Password". Be sure to write them down because you will need them in step 3 that follows. Once you finish filling in the signup form, you will be sent a confirmation message via email. It is important that you check the email because it contains your free signup details.

Step Three: Sync the App with the Website

The final step in using the free Sex Finder app is to link the User Name and Password that you setup on the Sex Finder website with your mobile app. To do this, tap the icon on your phone to open the app. On the first screen that displays, you will be prompted to enter your signup details. Enter the information that you created being careful to enter them exactly as you entered them on the Sex Finder website. If you mess up. You will be forced to start again from the very fist step so please be very careful.

Enjoy your new skills.

You should now have full access to the Sex Finder app's fictions. Test it by searching for a hookup in your area. The app should display a list of people looking for sex in your area. If it does not, try hanging out in a bar instead.

Just give our sex finder program a try...


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